Sunday, November 23, 2014

My week in review!

Well, as you can see I'm bad at posting frequently but here goes a week in review!


More exercises from my personal trainer. It's actually surprising the sweat I actually worked up doing mostly body weight exercises.  Step ups are harder than I thought.



Woke up early and got in 5 miles because after work was our GOTR celebration party! The girls had so much fun and enjoyed lots of treats! One coach made the cutest cupcakes with bees on them.

Later that evening I went back to the gym to teach my friend some exercises with weight. I love showing people the weights portion of working out! It was also our work Thanksgiving dinner so two workouts were needed.


Food baby intact I headed to the gym after work as usual. Not a single clue what I wanted to do gym wise and Adam (my personal trainer occasionally)  noticed my lack of direction and decided he had just the workout for me. It was rough as usual and I loved every second of it.  Multiple exercises working all muscles of the body and 50 reps of each. You can take breaks but you have to do all 50 before progressing to the next exercise.


National Hug a Runner day started with a 2.5 mile run, then leg exercises followed by third Thursday group run after work! We totaled 23 runners this month. By far the most we have had and it was so fun! It was dark when we started so we used headlamps to guide the way. The group I stayed with got in 4.25 miles. We then all met up at John G's Bier following the run. Crispin Cider went down smoothly.


With scheduled work Saturday I had to get some miles in so Friday became a two runs in one day kinda day.  5 in the morning and 6 after. The second run was much tougher but I pushed through and got it done.

I love all the support St. Jude gives their runners. I feel blessed to be running in just two short weeks.


This was possibly the longest day in such a long time. Kicked off the day with 2 miles in celebration of The Daily Run Club's 2nd birthday.  Am so thankful to have joined this group!

Only 8 hours of work then stood between me and a winery adventure with friends. We went to some wineries we had never been too. It was to relax a bit and enjoy myself. Although it was almost 1 before I got to bed i definitely enjoyed the day!

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