Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Daily Run Club and Sub-4 Challenge

The Daily Run Club is a group dedicated to encouraging fellow runners and racers through motivational posting and commenting. Runners of all levels, backgrounds, and objectives are welcome. It is where we post our daily miles, share our achievements, and ask questions if need be. Taken straight from the Facebook page that is the DRC in a nutshell.

The DRC is something that I am very grateful to have stumbled upon back in June. I started posting only races because I was hesitant still and very shy about my running endeavors. There are some very seasoned runners who know all the in and outs as well as those that are just running their first mile. Warming up to the group came easy and I started to take extra leaps out of the box.

Since then I have been a part of setting up once a month group runs every Third Thursday of  the month. We always give them fun names such as The Fo'Shizzle, The Whut up, and the Just Sayin'. I have also taken part in a few night trail runs and met so many new running friends who are becoming everyday friends.

October's Third Thursday Run
This month per one our board members wonderful suggestions we are doing a new challenge to keep people moving as the winter months creep up. It is called the Sub-4 Challenge or the "lazy lady" marathon. The main goal is all up to you but I've chosen a sub 4 hour marathon. Which means I'm running 26.2 miles all at faster than a 9:09 pace. They do not have to be all at once and can be done at any time you please. Some are choosing to run BQ times and others are just choosing a faster time than they already run. This is just a way to push ourselves and others.

In October I said there was no way I would be able to keep a pace like that for any sort of miles and was definitely doubtful. Well, I underestimated myself greatly and this month has started off very nicely pace wise. I've been able to push myself quite a bit and wonderfully surprised. I'm already 18 miles into the challenge and my average is 8:55.

Saturday I headed to the Katy Trail with some super speedy women to at least get in 2 countable miles and I ended up with 7 out of 10 under 9:05. Kristina also joined us for 2 of the miles but she left before the picture taking happened. They were definitely the push I needed. Although it was hard it was also very rewarding once it was over. Each time my watch would beep I would give a sigh of relieve if it was in the range I wanted. At one point it beeped, read 9:10 and I was slightly upset. Although it was extremely windy I couldn't help but laugh for getting upset because this pace in itself is was faster than most runs.

Myself, Andrea, Meghan and Maggie in front of the largest port-a potty!

10 marvelous miles and in the same time I would normally run 9 miles. I was beat....but in a wonderful way. Nothing but smiles as I drove home to relax and warm up before my best friends birthday celebration Saturday evening.

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