Saturday, November 15, 2014

Girls on the Run is so much fun!

September 9th began 8 weeks of Girls on the Run! Every Tuesday and Thursday I leave work a tad early and drive to Clearview school where myself and 6 other coaches take on 10 elementary girls in 3rd-5th grade. With a wide variety of personalities we knew we were in for an awesome training season.

The season started out in blazing sun and ended with snow flurries and freezing temperatures. These girls braved it all. The classes were mainly taught 'by the book' so to speak but each class involved a lesson, warm-up, running, and a snack. The girls loved snack time the most.

Fast forward 8 weeks to this morning. 30° and 7 out of 10 were ready to go. Each girl had a parent/guardian to run with. Three of our girls were sick and 3 of the coaches got to run with their kids. Jillian and I may have been the odd ones out but we decided to stick together and run.

Just a few minutes after 8:30 and the race was starting. After finally getting signal on my Garmin as I was crossing the start line I forgot to press start. Whoops. Oh well, just for fun. I let Jillian set the pace and I think we did awesome. There were so many bystanders cheering and encouraging the girls. It was the most motivational race I'v ever participated in. All these girls running and most of them for only the 2nd time ever. Their first was the practice 5k they did in training.

We walked for a short second due to Jillian having issues with her hamstring but all together it was an awesome race. We finished upright, under 30 mins, and darn proud of all the girls. After receiving our medals and grabbing a quick banana, water, and granola bar we settled into to wait for the rest.

Almost all girls came in under one hour and carrying huge smiles on their faces. They were much prouder of themselves than we could even tell them. Each girl was so excited to receive there very own medals. What they had just achieved would be carried on with them for so long.

Following the race they had a huge dance party in the middle of the street. It definitely helped to warm everyone up. After meeting back with the group and a few more pictures it was time to disassemble and return to normal life.

Tuesday we will celebrate all of their accomplishments with pizza and cupcakes. This season has been one of a kind and has opened my eyes to so many things. These girls never give up and have taught me so much in such a short tyear. They taught me to be a great friend, love who I am, be bubbly, and never take life too seriously.  I can't wait till next year.

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